Running a company in Ukraine I’m unfortunately regularly faced with violation of Human Rights in the form of serious pressure from state authorities.

Fair courts on the national level would be a safeguard against such violations, however fair trials happen sometimes, but can not be relied on in general.

In a case in front of the trade court in Odessa the rulings have obviously been influenced by corruption, resulting in serious losses. As the courts severely violated the principals of a fair trial (major arguments have not been accounted, request for collection of evidence has been refused by the court) a complaint was sent to the European Court of Human Rights.

That complaint however was refused by the court, stating that no violation of the rights was found. To my understanding that decision was made in violation of the admissibility regulations of the court. Searching for quality control measures on admissibility decisions from the side of the court was unsuccessful.

As the decisions on admissibility made by single judges are final, erroneous decisions are leaving human rights violations without consequences for the member states. This gave the incentive to create this site as a means of external control, pulling invalid decisions out of the dark, hopefully motivating the court to improve it’s procedures.